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Articles on KurzweilAI.net that refer to Wired

We Are the Web By Kevin Kelly
The Human Machine Merger: Why We Will Spend Most of Our Time in Virtual Reality in the Twenty-first Century By Ray Kurzweil
Stop everything...IT'S TECHNO-HORROR! By George Gilder and Richard Vigilante
Top KurzweilAI.net News of 2001 By Ray Kurzweil and Amara D. Angelica
Top KurzweilAI.net News of 2002 By Ray Kurzweil and Amara D. Angelica
Why We Can Be Confident of Turing Test Capability Within a Quarter Century By Ray Kurzweil
Tearing Toward the Spike By Damien Broderick
How the Mind Works By Steven Pinker
Chapter 4: Wear Ware Where? By Neil Gershenfeld
Is AI Near a Takeoff Point? By J. Storrs Hall

News Articles that refer to Wired

Get Smarter: 12 Hacks That Will Amp Up Your Brainpower
A Digital Health-Care Revolution
Science as Usual: More Questions Than Answers
Nirvana or Nightmare? Exploring the Technological Future
Joy still urges relinquishment of risky tech development
Molecular computer memory developed
A.I.: Kurzweil Says Thumbs Up
Brain Circuitry Involved in Language Reveals Differences in Human, Non-Human Primates
Cyber-doomsayers offer chilling vision
Robots: It's an Art Thing

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