Armed struggle between competing entities.

Articles on that refer to Warfare

The Age of Intelligent Machines, Chapter 11: The Impact On... By Ray Kurzweil
May the Smartest Machine Win: Warfare in the 21st Century By Ray Kurzweil
Chapter 11: The Engines of Destruction By K. Eric Drexler
Chapter Nine: 2009 By Ray Kurzweil
As We May Think By Vannevar Bush
Interview with Michael Behar for a story in WIRED on Tactical Mobile Robots By Michael Behar
Molecular Manufacturing: Too Dangerous to Allow? By Robert A. Freitas Jr.
Singularities and Nightmares By David Brin
Interview: How much do we need to know? By Bill Joy
Chapter 1: Engines of Construction By K. Eric Drexler

News Articles that refer to Warfare

Electronic warfare to be waged by intelligent software agents
Syria ready with bio-terror if U.S. hits Iran
Robo-eels, critters on chips lead cyborg pack
Army predicts biotech-enhanced soldiers
Turning soldiers into superhumans
Smarter bomb bot
Cities gird for 'bio' attacks
Waging war by remote control
Cyber-doomsayers offer chilling vision
Nanoprisms may be used to detect biological threats

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