Investigation or experimentation whose purpose is the discovery and interpretation of facts and knowledge, revision of accepted theories or laws in the light of new facts, or practical application of such new discoveries.

Articles on that refer to Research

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Chapter 12: The Business of Discovery By Neil Gershenfeld
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News Articles that refer to Research

Drexler vs. Smalley on molecular assembly
Cure for cancer worth $50 trillion
United Therapeutics to develop cancer therapies based on research in novel stem-cell-like cells, via exclusive license from MIT
Let the Nanotech Wars Begin!
Nanotechnology roadmap published: statement by Eric Drexler
Flying robotic insect slated to explore Mars
Developing New Operating Systems
New world of nanoelectronics may arrive in the near future, AAAS speakers say
A 'man on the moon' challenge for nanotech
Human Studies Show Feasibility of Brain-Machine Interfaces

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