The study of mind and behavior.

Articles on that refer to Psychology

Cyborg Babies and Cy-Dough-Plasm By Sherry Turkle
How the Mind Works By Steven Pinker
The Unabomber's Manifesto By Ted Kaczynski
The Age of Intelligent Machines: Footnotes By Ray Kurzweil
Essentials of General Intelligence: The direct path to AGI By Peter Voss
The Age of Intelligent Machines: Growing Up in the Age of Intelligent Machines: Reconstructions of the Psychological and Reconsiderations of the Human By Sherry Turkle
The Age of Intelligent Machines: Thoughts About Artificial Intelligence By Marvin Minsky
Chapter 4: Kurzweilís Impoverished Spirituality By William A. Dembski
Whither Psychoanalysis in a Computer Culture? By Sherry Turkle
The emotion universe By Marvin Minsky

News Articles that refer to Psychology

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How the brain 'sees'
'Artificial personality' to get psychological test
Vivid insight provided into workings of the brain
Some fear loss of privacy as science pries into brain
Creativity linked biologically to mental illness
The People vs. Pixel
Surveillance Net Yields Few Suspects

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