A business or organization whose primary objective is not related to the direct acquisition of revenue, and usually serves a social need or function.

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Notes and References By K. Eric Drexler
What is the Singularity? By John Smart
We Are the Web By Kevin Kelly
More Essays on Nanotechnology Implications By Mike Treder and Chris Phoenix
Economic Impact of the Personal Nanofactory By Robert A. Freitas Jr.

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Singularity Summit At Stanford Explores Future Of 'Superintelligence'
Robots Scour WTC Wreckage
Drexler Warns Terror Symposium: Nanotech Has 'Extreme Downsides'
Web May Hold the Key to Achieving Artificial Intelligence
Safe nanotech studied by new group
The Growing Web
Bush, Kennedy laud Kurzweil award from American Foundation for the Blind
In Challenge to Google, Yahoo Will Scan Books
Kurzweil to receive Special Libraries Association award
Terrorist threat raises Lifeboat Foundation existential-risk alert level

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