Natural Language

Language as ordinarily spoken or written by humans using a human language such as English (as contrasted with the rigid syntax of a computer language). Natural language is governed by rules and conventions sufficiently complex and subtle for there to be frequent ambiguity in syntax and meaning.

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ALICE, a Natural Language Chat Robot


Center for Machine Translation - CMU
The Center for Machine Translation (CMT) at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University conducts advanced research and development in a suite of technologies for natural language processing, with a primary focus on high-quality multi-lingual machine translation.

START Natural Language Question Answer System at MIT
The START server answers English questions related to information from the MIT AI Laboratory and from the World Wide Web. The Server is based on the START natural language system developed by Boris Katz and his associates in the Infolab Group.

Brainhat - Natural Language Processing Software
Brainhat is a program that can understand language, evaluate ideas, and ask and answer questions. This technology can form the basis for human interfaces to many kinds of applications. Because Brainhat is knowledge representation-based, brainhat can digress within a conversation, answer questions outside the script, and keep rich context. You can even answer a question with a question!