A body of technology in which products and other objects are created through the manipulation of atoms and molecules. "Nano" refers to a billionth of a meter, which is the width of five carbon atoms.

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The Foresight Institute
Foresight Institute's goal is to guide emerging technologies to improve the human condition. Foresight focuses its efforts upon nanotechnology, the coming ability to build materials and products with atomic precision, and upon systems that will enhance knowledge exchange and critical discussion, thus improving public and private policy decisions.

Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
The Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (IMM) is a nonprofit foundation formed in 1991 to carry out research aimed at developing molecular manufacturing (molecular nanotechnology).

The Zyvex Corporation
Zyvex is the first molecular nanotechnology development company. We are creating technology for atomically precise manufacturing.

HP Labs
HP principal laboratory scientist Stan Williams is working within another universe altogether, one made of molecular-sized wires and switches too tiny to see.

Nanotechnology Research at IBM
Opening new frontiers for computing sometimes means looking in places where we cannot see anything... at least with the naked eye.

Sci.Nanotech at Rutgers University
Nanotechnology is a (projected) technology of design and fabrication of mechanisms at the molecular level. How will it work, how soon is it coming, what difference will it make?

Nanobiotechnology Center at Cornell University
In creating the Nanobiotechnology Center, we established a Science and Technology Center devoted to nanobiotechnology. Nanobiotechnology is an emerging area of scientific and technological opportunity that will meld nano-microfabrication and biosystems to the benefit of both.