A community or other unity that is an epitome of a larger unity. Also, book by George Gilder describing the advances and effects of the information age.

Articles on that refer to Microcosm

The Age of Intelligent Machines: A Technology of Liberation By George Gilder
The Age of Intelligent Machines, Chapter 11: The Impact On... By Ray Kurzweil
Finishing the Unfinished Revolution By Michael L. Dertouzos
The Technological Singularity By Vernor Vinge
In Response to By Ray Kurzweil
Consciousness By John Searle
The Age of Knowledge By Ray Kurzweil
Movie reviews: A Beautiful Mind, Vanilla Sky, Waking Life By Amara D. Angelica
Foreword to 'Dark Ages II' (book by Bryan Bergeron) By Ray Kurzweil
The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life: Acknowledgments, Introduction, A Brief Medical History and Foreword By Ray Kurzweil and Steven R. Flier

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