Intelligent Agent

An intelligent agent (or simply an agent) is a program that gathers information or performs some other service independently and on some regular schedule. An agent is sometimes called a bot (short for robot). Agents are used in gathering information from the Internet and in many commercial applications where automated tasks are required.

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The Software Agents group of the MIT Media Laboratory
The Software Agents group of the MIT Media Laboratory investigates computer systems to which one can delegate tasks. Software agents differ from conventional software in that they are long-lived, semi-autonomous, proactive, and adaptive. The group develops techniques and builds prototype agent systems that can be tested.

Dynamic Computing Research Group at the University of Connecticut
The UConn DCRG is a collaboration of faculty and students interested in several different but related aspects of computing: agent-based computing, adaptive or reconfigurable computing and distributed computing

Carnegie Mellon University
The Software Agents Group at Carnegie Mellon University is building complex systems of interacting, semi-autonomous, and heterogeneous entities called software agents. These multi-agent systems are solving problems that are beyond the individual capacities or knowledge of each problem solver.

AgentWeb at University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Information, resources newsletters and mailing lists relating to intelligent information agents, intentional agents, software agents, softbots, knowbots, infobots, etc.

Aglets Software Development Kits (free downloads available)
The aglet represents the next leap forward in the evolution of executable content on the Internet, introducing program code that can be transported along with state information. Aglets are Java objects that can move from one host on the Internet to another.

IIS Corp
IIS Corp. is doing research and development in the fields of Multi-Agent Cooperation, Reinforcement, Learning, Neuro-Fuzzy Control, and Biologically Inspired Mechanisms.