Genetic Algorithm



Genetic Algorithm

A model of machine learning that derives its behavior from a metaphor of the mechanisms of evolution in nature. Within a program, a population of simulated individuals are created and undergo a process of evolution in a simulated competitive environment.

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Introduction to Genetic Algorithms


Genetic Adaptive Systems Lab at the University of Reno
We investigate systems that combine genetic algorithm (GA) search with case-based reasoning (CBR) principles. Although we realize that combined GA-CBR systems are particular instances of hybrid learning systems that combine a robust search algorithm with an associative memory, we have so far only considered GA-CBR systems. Such search-memory systems, we believe, lead to a new paradigm for machine learning with special emphasis on engineering applications.

The MSU Genetic Algorithms Research and Applications Group (the GARAGe) is a multi-disciplinary unit interested in the application of Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming to real-world problems, as well as fundamental research on GA and GP.

Illinois Genetic Algorithm Laboratory
At the Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (IlliGAL), we study nature's search algorithm of choice, genetics and evolution, as a practical approach to solving difficult problems on a computer.