Anything, whether matter or living being, that originates, exists, or occurs outside the earth and its atmosphere.

Articles on KurzweilAI.net that refer to Extraterrestrial

It Takes a Giant Cosmos to Create Life and Mind By James N. Gardner
Wolfram and Kurzweil Roundtable Discussion By Ray Kurzweil and Stephen Wolfram
Millennium 3000 Scenarios By Theodore J. Gordon and Jerome C. Glenn
2050 Global Normative Scenarios By Jerome C. Glenn and Theodore J. Gordon
The Physical Constants as Biosignature By James N. Gardner
I, Nanobot By Alan H Goldstein
The Technological Singularity By Vernor Vinge
Answering Fermi's Paradox By Hugo de Garis
Singularities and Nightmares By David Brin
Wild Cards: The Nature of Big Future Surprises By John Petersen

News Articles that refer to Extraterrestrial

The Intelligent Universe: AI, ET, and the Emerging Mind of the Cosmos
House hearings turn skeptical eye on cloning
Sounds Of The Universe
SETI looking for light flashes from E.T.
Scientist Claims Evidence of Life in Outer Space
Shermer's Last Law: ETs 'indistinguishable from God'
Boca Raton family volunteers to be first for microchip implants
SETI to target most tantalising radio transmissions
Are aliens hiding their messages?
Counting on Distant Worlds: Math as an Interstellar Language

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