Something that has separate, distinct and independent existence and objective or conceptual reality.

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Moot Court Hearing On The Petition Of A Conscious Computer By Martine Rothblatt
A Jurisprudence of Artilects: Blueprint for a Synthetic Citizen By Frank W. Sudia
The Human Machine Merger: Why We Will Spend Most of Our Time in Virtual Reality in the Twenty-first Century By Ray Kurzweil
Gelernter, Kurzweil debate machine consciousness By Rodney Brooks, Ray Kurzweil, and David Gelernter
The Age of Spiritual Machines: Glossary By Ray Kurzweil
The Law of Accelerating Returns By Ray Kurzweil
Chapter 6: Locked in His Chinese Room By Ray Kurzweil
Chapter 1: The Evolution of Mind in the Twenty-First Century By Ray Kurzweil
The Age of Intelligent Machines: Can Machines Think? By Daniel Dennett
Essentials of General Intelligence: The direct path to AGI By Peter Voss

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