Engines of Creation



Engines of Creation

K. Eric Drexler's visionary work, originally published in 1986, about the growing field of nanotechnology, detailing its potential applications and implications for society.

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Chapter 1: Engines of Construction By K. Eric Drexler
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Why Cryosuspension Makes Sense By Terry Grossman
Safe Utilization of Advanced Nanotechnology By Chris Phoenix and Mike Treder
Molecular Manufacturing: Too Dangerous to Allow? By Robert A. Freitas Jr.
Chapter 15: Worlds Enough, and Time By K. Eric Drexler
Nanotechnology: What Will It Mean? By Ralph C. Merkle
Chapter 5: Thinking Machines By K. Eric Drexler
Afterword By K. Eric Drexler

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Engines of Creation 2.0 published as free ebook

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