The ability to conceive and create.

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The Age of Intelligent Machines: The Mechanics of Creativity By Christopher Owens and Roger Schank
Stop everything...IT'S TECHNO-HORROR! By George Gilder and Richard Vigilante
Who Owns Intelligence? By Howard Gardner
Decoupling Art and Affluence By Harold Cohen
Introduction: Are We Spiritual Machines? By George Gilder and Jay W. Richards
The Age of Intelligent Machines: All Work and No Play Makes HAL a Dull Program By Michael Lebowitz
The 10% Solution For A Healthy Life, Chapter 8: The Mind-Body Connection By Ray Kurzweil
Singularities and Nightmares By David Brin
The Law of Accelerating Returns By Ray Kurzweil
Chapter 10: The Material World: ìIs That All There Is?î By Ray Kurzweil

News Articles that refer to Creativity

Get creative, says Kalam
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Nanobots in the brain featured on CBS '48 Hours'
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Creativity linked biologically to mental illness
Study Confirms Sleep Essential for Creativity
Five Robots Inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame
Kurzweil to grads: 'Follow your passion'

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