Relating to living processes.

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The Pace and Proliferation of Biological Technologies By Rob Carlson
The Law of Accelerating Returns By Ray Kurzweil
The Human Machine Merger: Why We Will Spend Most of Our Time in Virtual Reality in the Twenty-first Century By Ray Kurzweil
After the Singularity: A Talk with Ray Kurzweil By Ray Kurzweil
Top News of 2002 By Ray Kurzweil and Amara D. Angelica
Chapter 1: The Evolution of Mind in the Twenty-First Century By Ray Kurzweil
Testimony of Ray Kurzweil on the Societal Implications of Nanotechnology By Ray Kurzweil
I, Nanobot By Alan H Goldstein
The 21st Century: a Confluence of Accelerating Revolutions By Ray Kurzweil
Open-Source Biology And Its Impact on Industry By Rob Carlson

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BioFuture vs. MachineFuture: Kurzweil debates Stock at Foresight event launches full-text search for books
'No sharp distinction between human and machine intellligence' - Kurzweil on TechTV
Kurzweil teleports to nanotech conference
'Biosingularity' Blog Launched
New Ideas in the War on Bioterrorism
Bioterrorism: Who's in charge?
Developing Warning System for Biological Attack Proves Difficult
Kurzweil to debate Stock on 'BioFuture vs. MachineFuture'
Inventors forecast 21st century innovations at Patent & Trademarks Office bicentennial

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