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Ascension Technology

Ascension Technology is the premier manufacturer of real-time motion tracking equipment. Since it was co-founded in 1986 by Ernest Blood and Jack Scully, Ascension has developed a diverse line of magnetic, inertial and optical trackers. From Ascension's original Flock of Birds offering highly accurate magnetic tracking of several sensors mounted on heads, hands or instruments, to the company's newest product, the versatile ReActor full-body optical (infrared) workstation, Ascension's trackers are incorporated in ground-breaking applications across a spectrum of industries. These devices are designed to instantaneously track the position and orientation of one or more sensors for real-time analysis, interaction and control of computer processes. Ascension helped bring Ramona to life by tracking the movements of her alter ego, Raymond Kurzweil, at the 2001 TED Conference.

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